Dazaifu Shrine

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Just before we realized we were on wrong train... Our train Road to Dazaifu Shrine Shopping at Dazaifu
Key chains...I think Coffee shop Desert with azuki bean paste - good You must be this tall to enter...
Entrance to Dazaifu Shrine Shopping a market Big tree at shrine More shopping stalls
Rose...shopping Sunny (our entertainment)...she is great! More shrine More shrine
More shrine And even more shrine Grounds at the shrine Mini-shrines on the grounds
Rose posing for picture A pretty amazing engraved rock More huge rocks Not totally sure what these are
Around the shrine grounds More grounds of shrine Man with a dancing monkey - serious! National museum is amazing architecture
Inside the museum Traditional canoe in museum Garden in courtyard at lunch  
Photos 1 - 31 out of 31 | Back to Albums
Description: Dazaifu Shrine is a subway and two trains away (about 30 minutes). It is dedicated to the god of learning and had a flea market today (the reason we went). Plus one of the 4 national museums is there.
Location: Dazaifu-shi, Fukuoka, Japan

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