Shopping in Tenjin

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Middle of shopping district Looking towards Diamaru Entering Diamaru One of many bakeries
Market in basement - huge! Want to try some salad? How about some shrimp? Or maybe just some fish...
Kego Shrine near Tenjin Kego Shrine Kego Shrine Kego Shrine
Kego Shrine Underground shopping - goes forever Waiting for our train Here it comes
The trains are very long "Market" Street - Lots of restaurants Shrine near our home Shrine near our home
Not sure why the monkeys are at the shrine Coming off the subway   
Photos 1 - 22 out of 22 | Back to Albums
Description: We went to the Tenjin shopping district today. This was our first ride on the Fukuoka subway - very easy! The scale of the shopping experience is indescribably. One store is typically a 10 story building and is linked to 3-5 square blocks of other shopping buildings via an underground shopping network.
Location: Tenjin, Fukuoka-shi

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