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Christmas in Montana Christmas in Montana
Christmas 2012 at home in Montana.
8 photos
Sevilla Sevilla
Pictures from trip that Rose and I took to Sevilla after New Years. The Alcazar and Cathedral are pretty special places...and I also like all of the orange trees.
49 photos
Granada, Spain Granada, Spain
Pictures from the trip Rose and I took to Granada.
31 photos
Barcelona Trip Barcelona Trip
Rose and I spent a long weekend in Barcelona…a lot of walking!
40 photos
iOS Photos iOS Photos
Just stuff from day-to-day.
18 photos
iPhoto  Photos iPhoto Photos
5 photos
Alcala, Spain Alcala, Spain
Rose and I took the train to Alcala today. The city is the birthplace of Cervantes as well as home to many families of large storks.
25 photos
Aranjuez, Spain Aranjuez, Spain
Rose and I spent the day in Aranjuez, Spain. About a 45 minute train ride from Madrid, it is where the royal summer palace and gardens are located and is a UNESCO cultural landscape site. (with @[1163205487:2048:Rose Northcutt])
146 photos
Toledo, Spain Toledo, Spain
Rose and I took a day trip to Toledo today. Beautiful city with a lot of history.
58 photos
Madrid Madrid
30 photos
Madrid - August 26, 2012 Madrid - August 26, 2012
We took the metro to Retiro Park then walked back through Madrid past the Prada Museum, along Gran Via, into La Latina, and back around past the Palace. A good way to prep for the big lunch siesta.
29 photos
First Day in Apartment First Day in Apartment
19 photos
Collado Mediano Hike Collado Mediano Hike
@[1163205487:2048:Rose Northcutt] and I went on a hike with a group in Madrid today.
27 photos
All Over Madrid All Over Madrid
Just a bunch of pictures from our walks around town on the weekends and at night.
24 photos
San Lorenzo de El Escorial San Lorenzo de El Escorial
Rose and I went to San Lorenzo de El Escorial today. Pretty cool place…sort of weird being in the Pantheon with the dead kings of Spain from the last 400 years!
15 photos
Hanami in Fukuoka Hanami in Fukuoka
A day at Ohori Koen enjoying the cherry blossoms.
14 photos
Tokyo before heading home... Tokyo before heading home...
12 photos
Hawaii Break Hawaii Break
12 photos
Chiang Mai Elephants Chiang Mai Elephants
A day at the Patara Elephant Farm.
12 photos
Angkor Wat and Others Angkor Wat and Others
10 photos
Siem Reap, Cambodia Siem Reap, Cambodia
12 photos
Biking & Walking Around Bangkok Biking & Walking Around Bangkok
A few pictures while we were walking around Bangkok today.
32 photos
Grand Palace & Wat Pho Grand Palace & Wat Pho
32 photos
The Chedi The Chedi
Off to Bangkok after a tough week of "roughing it" in Chiang Mai.
18 photos
Doi Suthep and Suan Dok Doi Suthep and Suan Dok
Our trip around Chiang Mai today.
44 photos
San Francisco San Francisco
A one day layover in San Francisco prior to leaving for Japan.
8 photos
Montana Summer 2011 Montana Summer 2011
Pictures from the summer at home in Red Lodge and surrounding area.
170 photos
Chiang Mai - Sunday Night Market Chiang Mai - Sunday Night Market
12 photos
Ishigaki, Taketomi & Iriomote Islands Ishigaki, Taketomi & Iriomote Islands
40 photos
Walking around Fukuoka Walking around Fukuoka
Spent the afternoon walking around the city…with a stop a Starbucks for a coffee.
37 photos
Okawachiyama Okawachiyama
46 photos
Karatsu Kunchi Festival Karatsu Kunchi Festival
45 photos
Kurokawa Kurokawa
Rose and I took a trip to Kurokawa Onsen last are some of the pictures.
66 photos
Hiroshima & Miyajima Hiroshima & Miyajima
101 photos
Japanese Baseball…Go Hawks! Japanese Baseball…Go Hawks!
13 photos
Biking & Shopping Trip Biking & Shopping Trip
Long bike trip with a little shopping today. Sunny and very hot...ended with lunch at a carousel sushi restaurant.
38 photos
Dessert in Japan Dessert in Japan
7 photos
Kurume Yakatori Festival Kurume Yakatori Festival
24 photos
Kickball at the Beach Kickball at the Beach
64 photos
Yakatori Dinner at Ichi Yakatori Dinner at Ichi
19 photos
FIS Korean Day 2010 FIS Korean Day 2010
Korean Day at Fukuoka International School...what a fun day with great food. I am ready for a trip to Seoul!
51 photos
Ramen Dinner and Lantern Festival Ramen Dinner and Lantern Festival
A bunch of us went to dinner tonight at a "famous" ramen restaurant and then went and spent a few hours at the lantern festival up the river.
30 photos
Beartooth Rally 2011 Beartooth Rally 2011
The most dreaded weekend of the summer...but will make for some interesting people watching and picture taking.
30 photos
Singapore Singapore
Some pictures from our recent trip to Singapore during Golden Week. What a great city!
82 photos
Thailand - Day 4 Thailand - Day 4
We spent the morning by the pool then took a taxi into the closest town - Ao Nang. Glad we to walk around and some great food from the street vendors.
30 photos
Recent Family Visit Recent Family Visit
Some photos from places in Kyushu, Japan during a recent family visit. What a great time!
198 photos
Drives Near Fukuoka Drives Near Fukuoka
101 photos
Karatsu Castle Karatsu Castle
We took the train south today and explored Karatsu city and its a few pottery galleries.
69 photos
Yusentei Garden Yusentei Garden
Rose and I rode our bikes to Yusentei Garden. It was the peak of fall color and weather was gorgeous.
61 photos
Day 6 - Milford Sound Day 6 - Milford Sound
Drove to Fiordland National Park from Queenstown and took the tour of Milford Sound. A long drive but worth it!
72 photos
Thailand - Day 3 Thailand - Day 3
85 photos
Exploring Dazaifu Exploring Dazaifu
Rose and I went back to Dazaifu today. The last time it was brutally, perfect. We did the normal shopping then ventured onto the backroads of the city. Pretty walk!
63 photos
Nokonoshima Island Nokonoshima Island
A large group of us went to Nokonoshima Island today to view the cosmos blooming. Unfortunately, we had a dirty lens. These pictures were cropped to remove the problem. Not too bad.
50 photos
Days 10 & 11 - West Coast Days 10 & 11 - West Coast
Two long rainy days but ended with some sunshine this afternoon. Took a great hike from our B&B at Charming Creek to amazing waterfall.
61 photos
Hong Kong Hong Kong
Just added Rose's pictures from Day 3 in Hong Kong.
133 photos
Days 7 & 8 - Queenstown Area Days 7 & 8 - Queenstown Area
We spent the last two day in Queenstown and had some time to relax and do a little exploring. Plus, Rose dropped our camera in one of the creeks from Lord of the Rings - going to look for a new camera tomorrow!
25 photos
First Days in Fukuoka First Days in Fukuoka
Our first few days walking around the city and getting a better idea of where everything is.
44 photos
New Zealand - Marlborough New Zealand - Marlborough
Pictures from our first two days in Marlborough Wine Country. So far, trip to New Zealand has been great. Long drive south today towards Christchurch.
40 photos
Day 9 - Franz Josef Day 9 - Franz Josef
Bought a new camera and drove to the West Coast. Got to see Fox & Franz Josef glaciers and do some hiking. Great dinner and B&B. But the forecast is for a major downpour of rain tomorrow.
34 photos
Seafood Lunch at the Beach Seafood Lunch at the Beach
Seafood shacks on the fresh from the bay and cleaned behind the tent we cooked and ate in. Will take no arm-twisting to get me back to this place.
23 photos
Day 5 - Central Otago Wineries Day 5 - Central Otago Wineries
Day 5 took us on a drive to Central Otago for Pinot Noir tasting - pretty good stuff. Also bought some fresh fruit and finally got my haircut by someone who could speak English. Oh yeah,,,it rained during the afternoon and snowed on the higher peaks above Wanaka.
27 photos
New Zealand - Final Days New Zealand - Final Days
A few pictures from our final two days in New Zealand. We had a great trip but I am glad to get home (to Japan).
14 photos
Thailand - Day 1 Thailand - Day 1
13 photos
My Classroom My Classroom
My Grade 9 class.
5 photos
Spirit Week Spirit Week
Day #2 of Spirit Week - Hippie Day.
16 photos
Sushi & Sakuras Sushi & Sakuras
Incredibly fun afternoon of sushi lessons and viewing cherry blossoms in Ohori Park
41 photos
Mt Atago Sakura Blossoms Mt Atago Sakura Blossoms
25 photos
Thinking about Montana Thinking about Montana
Was cleaning up iPhoto pictures tonight and started thinking about two months at home in Montana this summer. Looking forward to it!
8 photos
Thailand - Day 5 Thailand - Day 5
Last full day in Thailand. We enjoyed the evening on the deck at the resort watching the sunset and eating a great meal.
29 photos
Nishikoen Nishikoen
Rose and I spent the afternoon riding our bikes. First to Nishikoen to check the status of the cherry blossoms, then Sushi Den for lunch, and an easy ride back through Ohorikoen on the way home.
11 photos
Brussels Brussels
Pictures from my trip to Brussels for training conference.
18 photos
Barbeque and Horseshoes Barbeque and Horseshoes
Some folks from school went down to the greenspace by the river and had a barbeque and played horseshoes. What a great way to spend a 65 degree sunday afternoon.
9 photos
Okonomiyaki Dinner Okonomiyaki Dinner
5 photos
Timeline Photos Timeline Photos
0 photos
Japan Day 2011 Japan Day 2011
A few pictures from Japan Day at Fukuoka International School
9 photos
Fukuoka Fish Market Fukuoka Fish Market
Rose and I went to the fish market today. It is only open to the public one Saturday a month. Was fun...people bring rolling suitcases to carry their fish home.
20 photos
Around Momochi Around Momochi
Miscellaneous pictures from walks around the neighborhood where we live and work.
25 photos
Day 12 - Nelson Day 12 - Nelson
Last two days in New Zealand. Made it to Nelson and enjoyed the sunshine! View from our apartment is great and tonights dinner was seafood and wine.
39 photos
Day 4 - Drive to Cardrona Day 4 - Drive to Cardrona
Weather unpredictable today - we did not get to see Mt. Cook. However, we still had some great views and arrived at a nice B&B where we will spend the next two days as a base for exploring the Wanaka area.
44 photos
Day 3 - Drive to Lake Tekapo Day 3 - Drive to Lake Tekapo
Finished our longest drive of the trip. Made it to Lake Tekapo in the Southern Alps. The lupine growing in this area is amazing...grows like a weed.
26 photos
Fire Festival (Daisaitou Gomaku) Fire Festival (Daisaitou Gomaku)
Rose went to the Fire Festival (Daisaitou Gomaku) at the Atago Shrine today (about a mile from our house). I am posting to keep our picture albums up to date - even though I didn't go.
37 photos
FIS Thanksgiving 2010 FIS Thanksgiving 2010
Most of the FIS teachers and staff went to a great Thanksgiving dinner at the Hilton last night. Thanks for organizing Culture Committee.
15 photos
Nihon Kyokai Grand Sumo Nihon Kyokai Grand Sumo
Spent a fun afternoon at the Nihon Kyokai Grand Sumo tournament. There is a lot more skill and athleticism involved than I had imagined. Pretty fascinating stuff...
14 photos
Raizan Sennyoji Daihyoin Temple Raizan Sennyoji Daihyoin Temple
Day trip to Raizan Sennyoji Haihyoin Temple with friends from school. What a beautiful place...
59 photos
Interesting Experiences Interesting Experiences
Went to dinner with Nana and Justin at the local soba nooodle restaurant. See picture of menu - gives you an idea of why we call it "food roulette". Good news...the food is almost always excellent - no matter what you pick!
29 photos
Tenjin and Downtown Shrines Tenjin and Downtown Shrines
Walked around Momochi then took the subway to Nakasu-Kawabata station and then explored downtown area of Fukuoka. Saw some more shrines and did a little shopping.
21 photos
Trip to Yanagawa Trip to Yanagawa
We took a day trip to Yanagawa with Matt and Ashley. It was a spectacular fall day, the city was nice, and the food (eel) was awesome. What a Sunday...
44 photos
Kidonanzoin (Reclining Buddha) Kidonanzoin (Reclining Buddha)
Rose and I took another day trip. Today it was to see the reclining buddha in Kidonanzoin (about 1 hour trip from home).
66 photos
Izakaya Dinner with FICS Izakaya Dinner with FICS
Dinner at an Izakaya (drinking restaurant - pub) with FIS and FICS staff. Food was great...and so were the beverages. Got to try raw horse meat for the first time...and it was good.
12 photos
FIS Talent Show FIS Talent Show
Pictures from the FIS Talent Show 2010. As I said in an earlier post...some scary talented kids.
54 photos
Yananoue Lookout and Gokoku Shrine Yananoue Lookout and Gokoku Shrine
Our exploration on our bikes today took us to Yananoue Lookout and Gokuku Shrine with a well deserved lunch at Freshness Burger before heading home.
33 photos
Exploring Canal City Exploring Canal City
Rose and I took the subway to Hakata station today and explored the Canal City area and local Zen Shrines (like graveyards) and gardens.
29 photos
Sports Day 2010 Sports Day 2010
Sports Day 2010 at Fukuoka International School...on the beach, temperatures in the low 80's...nice!
65 photos
Dazaifu Shrine Dazaifu Shrine
Dazaifu Shrine is a subway and two trains away (about 30 minutes). It is dedicated to the god of learning and had a flea market today (the reason we went). Plus one of the 4 national museums is there.
31 photos
Hojoya Festival Hojoya Festival
Festival giving thanks for the blessings of nature as well as observing the Shinto rituals such as offering gifts to the gods. Plus, there are over 700 stalls lining approach to shrine with food and drinks.
26 photos
Ohori Park and Fukuoka Castle Ruins Ohori Park and Fukuoka Castle Ruins
Rose and I went on a longer ride this morning to see Ohori Park and the Fukuoka Castle ruins.
13 photos
Fukuoka International School Fukuoka International School
Pictures from the opening day assembly at the Fukuoka International School - includes grades pre-K through 12.
12 photos
School Outings School Outings
Pictures from the outings that we have gone on with other teachers at the school.
8 photos
Atago Shrine & Fukuoka Views Atago Shrine & Fukuoka Views
Went for walk this morning from our place to Atago Shrine - about 15 minutes. Neat place and amazing views of the city.
26 photos
Shopping in Tenjin Shopping in Tenjin
We went to the Tenjin shopping district today. This was our first ride on the Fukuoka subway - very easy! The scale of the shopping experience is indescribably. One store is typically a 10 story building and is linked to 3-5 square blocks of other shopping buildings via an underground shopping network.
22 photos
Albums 1 - 100 out of 100
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