Year Two Begins…

Robert & I have officially arrived back in Fukuoka after spending the summer at our home in Montana.  And even though there is no better place to spend a summer (and a dramatic summer it was!), we are truly excited about being back in Japan and starting another school year and experiencing more of what this part of the world has to offer.

Traveling back was (thankfully) uneventful.  The weather was perfect everywhere and all our airlines (Horizon, United, and ANA) were on time.   20+ hours of travel isn’t so bad when you expect the worst and psyche yourself up for all the waiting in lines, going thru security (3 times!), sitting in small, uncomfortable seats and eating awful plane food.  In the end, as long as we arrive safely at our final destination, that’s all that really matters.

I’m happy to announce that our building was still standing, our unlocked bikes were still there, we hadn’t lost our home key and our little home was in perfect condition (minus the one clothes rod that had fallen and thus crushed all my work clothes onto the bottom of the closet floor.  Oh well, maybe I can convince everyone that wrinkled is in style. 🙂 )  I must admit, after hearing some horror stories of other teachers returning to moldy houses last year, I was totally relieved that our place had no issues with that what-so-ever.  We are also thrilled that (so far) it isn’t as dreadfully hot as it was last year when we arrived.  We can’t wait to see everyone and get caught up on everything they’ve been up to!

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